Let Our Landscape Lighting Designers Bring Your Property To Life At Night!

Stunning landscape lighting gives you CURB APPEAL. First impressions are always important. Make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

Think SAFETY by investing in our outdoor lighting. Navigating dark walkways and steps is dangerous. We provide the right levels of illumination where you need it!

Lighting for your home gives you SECURITY. Unlit homes are easy targets and the glare from floodlights attached to your home create areas of extreme darkness or “blind spots”. These blind spots are perfect places for unwanted visitors to hide. Professionally designed outdoor lighting is a much better deterrent.

Lighting FUNCTIONALITY is as important as lighting design. We’ve extended our living spaces and our backyards are now another room of the house. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas need adequate and beautiful lighting!

TRANQUILITY can be achieved with the right lighting. A well-lit landscape instills a sense of calm and serenity. See the favorite features of your Knoxville area home in a “new light”. 

Nite Time Decor Products

Nite Time Decor has been designing and installing outdoor lighting systems since 1998. Using our extensive experience, we have developed our own, exclusive product line that delivers efficiency, performance, and value to our clients. As we’ve developed each product, we’ve focused primarily on construction, design, and value–as the product has to be durable, but also applicable and affordable. We are not interested in installing systems that do not perform long term–we want each installation to look as good years from now as it did the day it was installed.

• Long-lasting Construction

• Stand Up to Harsh Climate

• Designed to Blend with Your Property

• Built with Design & Function in Mind

• Long Term Performance

• Balanced Value


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